Bathtime is Fun!

Some of the best memories come from bathtime with kiddos. Whether it's a sweet, fresh new baby or an older child, shop bathtime essentials here at Rosebuds Baby and Kid Boutique. We feature items from brands like Copper Pearl, Kyte Baby, Frida Baby, and more!

Hooded Towels 

After bathtime, it's so easy to put your baby or toddler in a hooded towel. No more days of trying to wrap them up in a bath sheet! We have baby and toddler hooded towels with cute animals and fun prints. These make such a great baby gift for a new arrival since they grow with baby into the toddler days!

Bathtime Essentials

We know how important bathtime essentials are. There are so many tools on the market for babies and bathtime - so we stick with the essentials here! Shop amazing wash cloths or brushes online or in-store now!