Sponsor a Mom!

Sponsor a Mom!

My heart aches for the moms giving birth in this pandemic. I can't even begin to fathom the pressure and fear they face in an already super-emotional time. 

There's no doubt each doctor's appointment is full of anxiety - especially as a due date gets closer and closer. There's certainly sadness knowing you won't get visitors in the hospital or in the early days at home (which means, no break... *gulp*). There's definitely some fear at the mere thought of the virus entering your home. I hope and pray that this is all subsided soon for everyone's sake - but especially for moms bringing new life into this world.

We are putting together a little package of goodies to gift to some local mamas. Each package will include a bath bomb for mom, a onesie for the babe, and a sweet note of encouragement. It's our hope to make them smile (I mean, they've already got the CUTEST reasons to smile in their arms but, you know, a surprise never hurt anyone)! 

You can Venmo me personally if you choose to donate: MacKenzie-Rose. A donation of $10 will sponsor a package. Rosebuds is matching up to 30 packages. We would LOVE to meet & exceed this amount!!! 

Note: We will also be using some funds to put together a little package for the L&D nurses as well! Let's do this, friends!