Top 3 Reasons You Should Use a Sleep Bag

Top 3 Reasons You Should Use a Sleep Bag

Here at Rosebuds Baby & Kid Boutique, it's no secret, we LOVE sleep bags for babies and toddlers! If you have been on the fence about using a sleep bag for your baby, read this article to learn why sleep bags are the BEST option for babies after the swaddles!

Why Sleep Bags?

Why sleep bags? Note: Sleep bags are sometimes referred to as sleep sacks! 

For starters, they're super soft & cozy for babe! We love that most of our sleep bags are double-layered and a soft, luxurious bamboo fabric! The material is very breathable so you don't have to worry about baby overheating! The double-zipper makes any nighttime access a breeze!

A bonus: my toddler slept in a Kyte baby sleep sack until he was about 2 years old (when he started refusing it). He has NEVER tried climbing out of the crib! And yes... he's almost 3 and still contained in the crib! ;)'

Here's our top three reasons why you should use a sleep bag for your baby:

1. Sleep bags are the safest option for blankets!

It is recommended that children sleep without anything loose in their crib for at least the first twelve months of their life. Once they're unable to be swaddled, it is a great transition to work in to a sleep bag. They are the safest option because they are worn by baby instead of used loosely in the crib. 

2. Sleep bags prevent children from climbing out of the crib and discourage playing in the crib.

When wearing a sleep bag, your baby's arms will extend out of the bag but their legs will be zipped inside. It is not easy for a baby to stand while wearing the bag. Baby can still sit up, move around, and roll but standing and jumping in the crib isn't easy. We love that our Kyte sleep bag helped prevent our son from jumping in his bed and climbing out. An added bonus of the sleep bag is that it makes it harder for a baby to get their foot out of the crib between the slats (which means fewer wakeups and more sleep).

3. Sleep bags are a great part of the bedtime routine. 

We love a good bedtime routine for baby! Adding a sleep bag is a great way to signal to your baby or toddler that sleep is approaching and help them prepare for bedtime or naptime. In fact, my son loved his sleep bag so much that he would ask us to put him in it! We would lay it on the ground and he would run and lay on it - eager to cuddle up in bed! 


Our Kyte Baby sleep bags are available in different TOGs (a blog about TOGs can be found here) and sizes. We currently carry 0-6m, 6-18m, and 18-36m sleep bags in various TOG ratings and colors! Our Copper Pearl brand is available in two different sizes (and one universal TOG). Copper Pearl sleep bags are size 0-6m and 6-12m! 

If you have any questions about sleep bags, TOGs for sleep bags, or any other baby product we carry, please reach out! We are happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have!

If you're registering with us, we highly recommend adding a sleep bag to your registry. You will LOVE it! See you soon, friends!

Here's a quick video about Kyte Baby sleep bags - our favorite!