Baby Outfit Accessories + Toddler Outfit Accessories

Baby Outfit Accessories + Toddler Outfit Accessories

How to Level Up Your Baby Outfits

Getting kids dressed can be a real challenge.... and putting together fun, trendy baby outfits can be just as hard. Skip the brands that everyone has and find unique, trendy apparel for your toddlers and babies at Rosebuds Baby & Kid Boutique. Our children's store in Columbia, Missouri is PACKED full of amazing finds. Our buyers spend tons of time researching and hunting down the best baby accessories and toddler accessories to take your children's outfits up a notch. Here are three outfit accessories that will level up your baby outfits this fall.

1. Trendy Baby Socks or Toddler Socks

We absolutely love adding knee high socks from Little Stocking Co or striped crew socks to our baby outfits to spruce them up a bit. The toddler striped socks look SO cute paired with Vans or Nikes - especially when you're trying to dress up a little toddler boy. It can be so hard to find unique pieces to accessorize baby and toddler outfits, but our team is always working on finding you guys the best ways to dress your little hipster kids! Grab a pair of striped socks and create the cutest trendy toddler boy outfit today!

2. Fun Hats and Toddler Snapbacks

Speaking of fun, trendy toddler boy outfits.... no toddler boy outfit is complete without a snapback from Cash & Co or a unique personalized hat. We love finding trendy, retro toddler snapbacks in neutral colors to complete any outfit or look for your little man! Our pro tip for getting your little guy to wear hats is to get them in a hat early. Just trust us, there's nothing cuter than a little baby boy snapback!

3. Unique Baby Shoes 

That's right - we love finding shoes for our babies and toddlers. We carry high-quality, unique toddler shoes that help you elevate your outfits for your little babes. From toddler high tops to baby jelly sandals, we've got you set on amazing looking shoes to top off your toddler outfits this fall. 

Don't forget - all orders $75+ ship FREE! Tag us in your photos of your babes - we love to see you guys rocking our favorite picks!