Rosebuds Updates

Rosebuds Updates

Friends, sharing a little update on our corner of the internet for you. Enjoy!

It seems like just yesterday we opened the doors to Rosebuds Baby + Kid Boutique. Probably because we (somehow) managed to turn a former insurance office into a retail space in less than four weeks, followed by a crazy holiday season, quickly followed by a pandemic! Who would have thought?! 

Ah, it's been a wild ride so far but we've truly enjoyed bringing so many brands to Columbia, Missouri for your sweet babes!!! I struggled to find so many things locally when I was pregnant with Knox and, well, that's how we got that second store! ;) If you know of a brand that we NEED to carry, please e-mail me at! We love hearing from our customers on the brands they want to see in the shop! 

We maximized our time with a completely closed storefront by adding in a new website specifically for Rosebuds. If you're reading this blog, you're on our website though so you know that. If anyone has ever built a website / managed a website, you'll know it takes a LOT of time and work. I didn't really have an abundance of time even during the pandemic, but, we made it happen nonetheless (read: Mama had to stay up late a lot). Not every item is online (much like The Southern Rose) because we simply have too many. We have a REALLY good chunk of them online though and add items almost daily! So, be sure to check back often. If you know of an item in-store but can't find it online, send us a message or email. We can either send you the link OR invoice you for the item instead! For now, orders $30+ ship FREE! Or, we can do curbside pickup any day Monday-Saturday! 

Another handy feature of the website? EASIEST way to send a gift! Simply add the items to your bag for your gift & leave a note at checkout that it's a gift (with the note you want us to include. Be sure to set the shipping address to the recipient & it'll go straight to them from YOU! It's almost TOO easy! ;)

We are keeping the Rosebuds door locked for the time being so we can control the amount of customers in and out of the store(s). It's worked well but we still have people try to pull the door so thought we'd mention it again here. 

Our temporary store hours:

Monday: CLOSED for private shopping (by appointment) & curbside pickup

Tuesday: CLOSED for private shopping (by appointment) & curbside pickup

Wednesday: 10-6pm

Thursday: 10-6pm

Friday: 10-6pm

Saturday: 10-5pm

We will continue assessing these hours & update as changes are made. Right now, it's working great to have the storefronts "closed" Monday/Tuesday (although, we have staff in the store for phone calls & curbside from 10-4pm). We are able to process online orders, add new items to the websites, restock the stores, and help customers shop one-on-one! Then, on Wednesday, our doors open back up (well, the TSR door opens back up...) and we get to see FACES and it's just great all around!

We hope to see you soon! If not, visit us at OR

If you place orders on both sides for shipping, make a note & we can combine them for you! Thanks, friends!